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Old Town Tavern, located in the heart of Old Town Scottsdale, is clearly not just a bar. It’s a friendly establishment where any and all can enjoy a cocktail and relax. The Old Town Tavern certainly has something for everyone. From an eclectic variety of performing artists, to awesome patios and cozy fireplaces, to the best prices in town, The Old Town Tavern seems to have it all.

Offering live music Tuesday through Thursday plus every weekend, Old Town Tavern has officially established itself as the live entertainment leader in Old Town Scottsdale. It is one of the only quaint, neighborhood bars left in the heart of Old Town Scottsdale. Many would say that the live entertainment the Old Town Tavern has brought to the table makes the bar unique and one to visit frequently. Live entertainment is not something you see very often these days, but you are sure to be pleasantly surprised when visiting the Old Town Tavern.

Old Town Tavern ScottsdaleThe Old Town Tavern supports a wide array of local artists, and also brings in entertainers from across the country, who seek out this little bar in Old Town Scottsdale. Patrons and guests are sure to find some of their favorite artists during the week, and you never know what to expect on the weekends with bands playing a variety of your favorite rock n roll hits. On weekends, you are sure to see a great show for the price of just one drink. Where else in Old Town Scottsdale is one likely to find a deal like this? With great service, friendly bartenders and live entertainment, Old Town Tavern has got it figured out.

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