7 Wonders of Arizona

7 Wonders of Arizona: Chapel of the Holy Cross

7 Wonders of Arizona: Chapel of the Holy Cross

Do you know the 7 Wonders of Arizona? Created by human endeavor, the list includes the ruins of our ancient ancestors, a bridge from our childhood, and one of the greatest engineering feats of the 20th century!

7 Wonders of Arizona: The List

Ancient Ruins of Canyon de Chelly

Reflecting one of the longest continuously inhabited landscapes of North America, it preserves ruins of the early indigenous tribes that lived in the area, including the Ancient Pueblo Peoples (also called Anasazi) and Navajo. (www.nps.gov/cach)

Hoover Dam

Five years, thousands of workers, and 4.4 million cubic yards of concrete built this wonder. Today, nearly a million people per year take tours of the dam. The view from the bottom looking up at the 726-foot high wall is spell binding. (www.usbr.gov/lc/hooverdam/)

Montezuma Castle National Monument

Situated 90 feet up a sheer limestone cliff, it is one of the best-preserved cliff dwellings in North America. The precariousness of the dwelling’s location and its immense scale – almost 4,000 sq. ft. of floor space across five stories – suggest that the Sinagua were daring builders and skilled engineers. (nps.gov/moca)

Lowell Observatory

Established in 1894, it is among the oldest observatories in the US, and was designated a National Historic Landmark in 1965. In 2011, the Observatory was named one of “The World’s 100 Most Important Places” by TIME. The dwarf planet Pluto, currently being studied by the New Horizons Mission, was discovered here in 1930 by Clyde Tombaugh. Tours and viewings are available daily. (www.lowell.edu)

University of Phoenix Stadium

Home of the Arizona Cardinals, it features the first fully retractable natural grass playing surface built in the US. An opening on one side of the stadium lets the playing field to move to the exterior of the building, allowing the entire natural turf playing surface to be exposed to daylight. (universityofphoenixstadium.com)

Chapel of the Holy Cross

Local sculptor Marguerite Brunswig Staude commissioned the church after being inspired by the newly constructed Empire State Building. “Though Catholic in faith, as a work of art the Chapel has a universal appeal. Its doors will ever be open to one and all, regardless of creed, that God may come to life in the souls of all people and be a living reality.” (www.chapeloftheholycross.com)

London Bridge

The bridge from our our childhood nursery rhyme resides in Lake Havasu City. It is a relocated 1831 bridge that formerly spanned the River Thames in London, England, until it was dismantled in 1967 and bought by Robert P. McCulloch from the City of London. McCulloch had exterior granite blocks from the original bridge numbered and transported to America. The bridge was completed in 1971 (along with a canal), and links an island in the Colorado River with the main part of Lake Havasu City. (golakehavasu.com)

Welcome to the Grand Canyon State. Enjoy your stay while experiencing the Wonders of Arizona!

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