Beautiful Arizona Amethyst Jewelry

Sami Fine Jewelry is proud to be the destination for Arizona Four Peaks Amethyst. Known for its color, Sami’s Arizona Amethyst is the most beautiful in the world. For centuries Amethyst has intrigued avid gem collectors. As a member of the quartz family, Amethyst hues can range from a soft light lilac to a deep rich purple.

Amethyst is the birthstone for February. Ancients believe that it represents a symbol of power, and is associated with royalty. Amethyst is even featured in the Crown Jewels of at least five European countries. In ancient Greece, it is believed that if one drank from an Amethyst vessel, they would not become intoxicated.

The Arizona Amethyst rivals the best Siberian Amethyst. Occurring naturally in the Mazatzal Mountain range, its iron and manganese rich environment makes the Arizona Amethyst showcase a bright magenta flash. The darker the purple, the more valuable. Arizona Amethyst’s royal purple names this gem one of the finest Amethyst in the world.

Traditionally gemstones are mined with dynamite and heavy equipment. However, Arizona Amethyst is carefully mined by hand which is a slow and tedious process. Twice a year, an average of one ton of amethyst rough is extracted from the mine. Out of one ton of rough approximately only 200cts, about a handful, of gem quality amethyst is mined.

Not only does Sami Fine Jewelry offer a large selection of Arizona Amethyst jewelry and gemstones, but they also offer a once in a lifetime tour. A bucket list must when visiting Arizona! Sami Fine Jewelry offers a tour of a lifetime. Arizona Four Peaks Amethyst mine tours are offered twice a year-in the spring and in the fall. Learn more about Sami’s famous Arizona Amethyst at or stop in and visit their 3000 square feet jewelry showroom.