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Visit Carefree Arizona
Carefree, Arizona, is a town that lives up to its name. Located in the upper Sonoran Desert at the foothills of the Carefree Mountains, it's a laid back, upscale desert community. Although just a short drive from Phoenix and Scottsdale, it's a world apart. There are tons of things to do in Carefree for visitors of all ages and tastes. If you visit Carefree, you'll notice that the names of the streets are quaint and cute – Ho Hum Way, Easy Street, Tranquil Trail. At the center of town is the Carefree sundial, which is the world's largest sundial, pointing 52 feet in the air at the North Star. Near the sundial you'll discover a waterfall and a giant slide in the shape of a Gila monster. The park also contains a cactus-filled botanical garden with all kinds of unique southwestern flora.


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