Steam Saturdays | Steam Train to Grand Canyon

You can step back in time and experience a steam-powered train trip to one of the world’s greatest wonders, Grand Canyon!  First Saturday each month, March-October.

Steam Locomotives Pull the Train on the First Saturday: March through October 2018

The Grand Canyon Railway celebrates the history of rail travel with several steam-powered excursions to Grand Canyon National Park each year.

An operational steam locomotive can be a rare sight in the 21st Century, which is why we keep two fully-restored vintage steam locomotives (from 1906 and 1923) in service to pull The Train on select dates throughout the year.

Grand Canyon Railway

From its yesteryears of transporting ore through the Wild West to our present-day journeys in the heart of the canyon, the Grand Canyon Railway has enchanted millions of people from around the world since 1901.

Now it’s time for you to experience the wonderful romance of a voyage by train.

Take an unforgettable ride on one of our lovingly restored cars and hear folklore and tales from a crew who are still bewitched by their spectacular surroundings. Be entertained by authentic characters and musicians who bring the Old West to life.

And lose yourself in the majesty, the magnificence that is Grand Canyon National Park.

Steam Saturdays in 2018

Round Trip to GCNP

March 3 | April 7 | May 5
June 2 | July 7 | August 4
September 1 | October 6

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