Explore Arizona’s Sky, Land and Water at Grand Canyon West

Take to the Sky, Explore the Land, and Brave the Water at Grand Canyon West

You already know that the Grand Canyon is a ‘must-see’ landmark, but have you chosen the way you want to experience the grandest of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World? At Grand Canyon West, visitors can choose from multiple perspectives: sky, land and water. Packages can include a ‘walk on the sky’; a helicopter tour; whitewater rafting down the Colorado River; an overnight stay in a cozy cabin just steps from the rim; horseback riding; hiking; and a ride on the recently opened zipline which soars 500 feet over a spectacular side canyon.

Grand Canyon West is an adventure and sightseeing destination point operated by the Hulapai Native American Tribe on the one million acres of Hulapai Nation Tribal land, located just two hours from Las Vegas and about 4.5 hours from Phoenix. Separate from the national park, Grand Canyon West is a self-sufficient tourist area with multiple opportunities for the entire family to experience the Canyon in new and exciting ways.


Take flight for a bird’s eye view of the canyon from one of several aerial tours by helicopter or fixed-wing airplane. Flights range from a 12-minute jaunt to a two-and-a-half-hour tour that includes a pontoon boat ride once you reach the bottom of the Canyon. In addition, adrenaline junkies can reach speeds of 50 mph as they ‘ride the sky’ on the new quad ziplines that span 1100 and 2100 feet over the course of the zipline ride.


Undoubtedly a main attraction, the Skywalk at Eagle Point is a 10-foot wide horseshoe-shaped glass bridge that extends 70 feet beyond the Canyon’s rim. Its glass floor allows unparallelled views of the Canyon floor 4,000 feet below. Other land excursions include 30, 60 and 90-minute horseback rides along the edge of the West Rim, or simply watching the sun rise and set over the Canyon from the porch of an idyllic private cabin at Hulapai Ranch.


Ride the rapids of the Colorado River with an experienced Hulapai River Runner guide on a one or two-day rafting trip. Campsite meals, hikes, wildlife viewing and even a helicopter ride back to the rim are included in your expedition.

If adventuring among jaw-dropping scenery is your thing, Grand Canyon West will surely fulfill all of your thrill-seeking, and stunningly beautiful ‘photo-op’ desires. To find out more, visit GrandCanyonWest.com.

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