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Gilbert Ortega Gallery, nationally recognized and well established since 1950, remains a family run business, carried on through five generations — Proof that integrity, quality, and desirable design are always in style.

Gilbert Ortega GalleriesWalk into the intriguing 10,000 square foot gallery, as Gilbert Ortega Gallery awakens in you a deep appreciation towards Native and Southwestern cultural achievements.  View an array of impressive works of art and discover a collection of vintage/contemporary handmade jewelry, hand-woven Navajo rugs in eye-catching designs, unique hand crafted furniture and home decor, exquisitely hand-carved Hopi kachinas, beautiful Pueblo pottery, Navajo sand painting and a variety of so much more.

Today, as the economy improves so does the demand for quality Southwestern Indian jewelry.  This increased demand again brings imitators of authentic Indian handiwork to the market.  These imitators have created much mistrust. However, Gilbert Ortega Gallery is a name that you can trust.

While carefully examining each piece he buys measuring excellence and authenticity, Gilbert Ortega Jr. strongly believes that the art goes beyond the item itself, recognizing each piece to be of spiritual expression.

Gilbert Ortega Jr. as well as his friendly and knowledgeable staff invite you to visit the original Gilbert Ortega Gallery and experience “what we have spent a lifetime learning.”

Visit Gilbert Ortega Gallery daily 10am-6pm. Also open Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays till 9pm.


Gilbert Ortega Gallery

3925 N. Scottsdale Road

Scottsdale, AZ 85251

(480) 990-1808

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