Flying High Over the Desert with Hot Air Expeditions

Flying High Over the Desert

Flying High Over the Desert with Hot Air Expeditions

Take a magic carpet ride with Hot Air Expeditions as you soar over the gorgeous Sonoran desert in a Hot Air Balloon.

Your Arizona Balloon adventure begins when you meet the ballooning crew at the Deer Valley Airport in North Phoenix. Here you are taken under their wing and shuttled to your desert launch site, which varies daily based on wind conditions. Upon arrival, the hot air balloon has already begun its inflation, where the pilot uses a gas burner to heat the air inside the balloon envelope to about 212 degrees. Because hot air is lighter and less dense than the cooler air around the balloon, the heated air causes the balloon to rise.

Hot Air Expeditions Happy Customers

Hello from Above!

Once upright, you’re invited to hop in and begin the adventure! You slowly drift off the ground, feeling as though the balloon is almost weightless, gently skimming the earth, proceeding to rise to heights of up to 7,000 feet in the air. While among the clouds, your pilot points out local wildlife, which can include quail, jackrabbit, roadrunner and coyote, as well as plant life and interesting facts about the land you’re drifting over. We’re also told that hot air balloons float with the wind, so the direction the wind is blowing is where the balloon will go – there’s no steering, but we’re not scared – all of Hot Air Expeditions’ pilots have hundreds of hours of piloting experience.

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Time to Celebrate

After about an hour in the air, your pilot returns you to the land you admired from afar, and you are greeted with a gourmet hot breakfast catered by Vincents on Camelback with champagne, presented on tables in the heart of the desert, complete with linens and china. But the fun doesn’t end there, your pilot takes you through a traditional balloonists ceremony and awards a commemorative flight certificate. There is simply nothing finer.

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To make a reservation with Hot Air Expeditions, please call 480-502-6999 or 1-800-831-7610 or you can visit them online. Morning hot air balloon flights are available daily, year-round, and afternoon flights are available seasonally, November – March. Hotel transfers are available so, be sure to let them know what hotel you are staying at.