Hawk Walks at Sonoran Desert Falconry

Hawk Walks at Sonoran Desert Falconry

Hawk Walks at Sonoran Desert Falconry

There are three hawk walks at Sonoran Desert Falconry with varying lengths and degrees of difficulty in terrain. During each walk you will be introduced to the ‘Wolves of the Sky,’ the Sonoran Desert native Harris’ hawk. The only social bird of prey that lives and hunts as a cooperative family unit. The objective during the Hawk Walk is a glimpse into their world, while interacting with these amazing creatures. The Sonoran Desert Falconry captive-bred Harris’ hawks will delightfully accompany you through the terrain their ancestors have flown for thousands of years.

Hawk Walks

Hawk Walk Excurions

You can choose between a one & a half hour, two-hour, or two & a half hour long hawk walk excursion. During the one & a half and two-hour hawk walks you will be accompanied by two Harris’ hawks from one of our hawking teams:

  1. The A-Team (Morpheus & Morgana)
  2. The Wonder-Twins (Cain & One-Eyed Abel)
  3. The Brothers Grim (Casanova & Dracarys)

During the two & a half hour hawk walks excursion you will experience what they call a cast of three Harris’ hawks. One will wear a GPS transmitter device for real-time tracking on an iPad to demonstrate how technology has changed the sport of falconry. Bring your camera and sense of adventure and lets us do the rest!

Book Your Hawk Walks at Sonoran Desert Falconry

To book your Hawk Walk Adventures, please visit the Sonoran Desert Falconry website or call 480-463-4036. Hawk Walks are available year round, but May – September, the walks start early in the morning. Contact them for more information and tour times.