Ancient Ruins in Northern Arizona Itinerary

Ancient Ruins in Northern Arizona Itinerary

Itinerary Details

  • Hours Planned: 8
  • Days Planned: 1
    Included Cities:
  • Sedona
  • Camp Verde

Are you looking to explore Ancient Ruins in Arizona? Then we have the perfect itinerary for you! Northern Arizona is home to some of the best ancient ruins in the state and top tour companies like Pink Jeep Tours, can give you an up close and personal experience with some of these archeological sites. Our Ancient Ruins in Northern Arizona Itinerary also includes a visit to Montezuma Castle National Monument where you can walk around on paved trails. We’ve all got a little Indian Jones in us, so let’s start exploring. Be sure to visit these historical sites while visiting Arizona.  Enjoy!

Montezuma Castle National Monument

Montezuma Castle National Monument - Looking Up

DAY 1: 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM

Spend a few hours and discover the incredible legacy of an ancient people. Whether you visit just Montezuma Castle, or add in a side trip to Montezuma Well, you’ll be inspired by the Sinagua culture.

A self-guided, 1/3-mile loop trail leads you past an incredible 5-story cliff dwelling, through a beautiful sycamore grove and along spring-fed Beaver Creek, one of only a few perennial streams in Arizona. At Montezuma Well, another 1/3-mile loop leads you past an amazing oasis, used by the Sinagua people over 600 years ago.

Follow I-17 to exit 289 (90 minutes north of Phoenix, 45 minutes south of Flagstaff
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Montezuma Well

Montezuma Well - First Overlook, Courtesy NPS

DAY 1: 10:15 AM - 11:15 AM

The legacy of the Sinagua culture surrounds you during a visit to Montezuma Well. From cliff dwellings perched along the rim to large pueblo ruins and an ancient pit house, the variety of these archeological sites is a testament to the ingenuity of these people. Take your time as you explore the trails at Montezuma Well and discover the tranquility of a site still considered sacred by many local tribes.

Follow I-17 to exit 293 (4 miles north of the exit for Montezuma Castle
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Lunch at Cliff Castle Casino Hotel

DAY 1: 11:30 AM - 12:30 PM

No matter what your taste or mood, Cliff Castle has everything you’ll need to satisfy your appetite. A family-favorite, Johnny Rockets is a 50’s style diner serving up an All-American menu featuring burgers, fries, and hand-dipped malts and shakes. Mountain Springs Buffet offers you excellent variety and delicious food for Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch and Dinner.

555 West Middle Verde Road, Camp Verde, AZ 86322
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Ancient Ruins Tour with Pink Jeep Tours

DAY 1: 1:30 PM - 5:00 PM

Travel back in time on a 3 hour Ancient Ruins Tour and uncover the mystery of the Sinagua. This tour takes you on a fascinating archaeological adventure through a Native American cliff dwelling built in the 12th Century AD. Join Pink Jeep Tours as you uncover the mystery while exploring the history of the Sinagua at the Honanki Heritage Site. While at Honanki, you’ll have plenty of time to marvel at the ruins.

Special Note: During the Ancient Ruins Tour, you will explore the site by foot. Comfortable walking shoes are recommended for the ¾-mile (1.2km) walk.

204 North State Route 89A, Sedona, AZ 86336
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