Mata Ortiz Pottery at Kachina House in Sedona

Kachina House is your source for Native American Arts and Crafts. Located in beautiful Sedona, Arizona, Kachina House now carries Mata Ortiz Pottery, preserve the present and explore the past.

Mata Ortiz Pottery

We are excited to announce our expansion into another line of handbuilt pottery with an ancient history. Mata Ortiz pottery or Casas Grandes pottery is some of the finest and most innovative in the world. It is said that the Pueblo people from what is now New Mexico and Arizona owe their knowledge of making pottery to the ancient ones from Paquime, Mexico.

Mata Ortiz Pottery Kachina House Pots on StandsClay is hand-dug, worked and formed either into a torta or into a continuous coil that forms the pot. The base of the pot was traditionally shaped within the broken bottom portion of another pot. Pots are allowed to air dry, then are sanded multiple times with increasingly finer sandpaper. This sanding compresses the clay and makes the surface consistent to allow for the fine painting.

The pots, if they are to be shiny black, are coated with a mixture of kerosene and graphite which is rubbed into the pot by hand then stone polished. Pots are then handpainted and fired, the ash is washed off, and the pot is signed. The designs on this Mata Ortiz pottery come from ancient Paquime; people that create this pottery are descendants of those who lived in this vast southwestern area of North America. These were Puebloan peoples and some of their building techniques as well as their feathers, shells, and pottery making were traded as they traveled and lived among one another.

The Mata Ortiz pottery today has lines delicately drawn freehand on the pots and painted with tiny brushes made from the hair of their children and etched with common implements. It’s a unique experiment combining contemporary methods with prehistoric tradition. This custom, lost to time, has grown out of the curiosity and ingenuity of Juan Quezada and others who have advanced the technique.

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