Mouthwatering Food and Authentic Memorabilia in Phoenix

The Hard Rock Café in Phoenix is truly a rockin’ place to be! Centrally located in Downtown Phoenix, there are plenty of activities around to make part of your plans for a day.

With the convention center, two sporting arenas, and shopping surrounding the Café there is never a dull day at Hard Rock. Once in the Café, people will experience mouthwatering food and awe inspiring memorabilia from rock’n’rollers throughout the decades. But don’t forget to wash down the food, and cool off, with one of our many signature drinks.

Let’s not forget what Hard Rock Café Phoenix was built on, great food and authentic memorabilia. Many food and beverage items have come and gone, but our newest iteration of the menu is something to scream and shout about. We offer wide range of options for all to enjoy. Our classic burgers are always a choice delight along with some new variations to surprise some and excite many. Our BBQ and salad options are some serious contenders as well. But don’t think only mouths are getting the only treat, eyes will be amazed with memorabilia from everyone’s favorite artists. Some truly special gems in the Phoenix Café include; a personally gifted dragon-painted bass from Gene Simmons, a local artist corner with stage used props, and our signature guitar chandelier overlooking the main dining floor, with many more to explore. Anyone looking for souvenirs, all our merchandise proudly displays the Phoenix name next to the iconic Hard Rock Café Phoenix name and logo.

As anyone can see, there are many reasons to make a day at Hard Rock Café Phoenix, and make a day around the community of downtown Phoenix.

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