The Romantic History of Tlaquepaque

Tlaquepaque Arts and Crafts Village was created as an artisan’s center and was named after a colorful Mexican city outside of Guadalajara. The village was passionately constructed by hand over a number of years using Spanish Colonial architectural elements artfully integrated with the sycamore grove that predated its 1971 construction. The sycamores are so intricately woven into the atmosphere that they meander effortlessly through courtyards, patios and sometimes the structures themselves. The organic flow of the property and the rich details give the distinct impression that you are strolling through a centuries old villa.

Tlaquepaque is known widely for its distinctively lovely atmosphere for shopping & dining. Its undeniable beauty in an undeniably beautiful locale, Sedona, makes it a perfect choice for a uniquely Arizona destination wedding.

Fountains and greenery abound, making it a sumptious setting for weddings and elegant gatherings.  There is even a quaint chapel with a spectacular hand-painted mural commissioned by the founder. This is just one of many serene locations on the grounds that are perfectly charming for an intimate ceremony or lavish celebration. And of course, having the bell tower ring out in joyous commemoration would make any wedding truly remarkable.

Whether or not there’s a wedding in your future, Tlaquepaque provides a thoroughly enjoyable day of dining, shopping, and romantic strolls.


Visit Tlaquepaque Artis and Crafts Village at 336 State Route 179, Sedona, AZ 86336. Call 928-282-4838 or visit for more information.