Sharks and Tropical Fish in the Arizona Desert

Sea Life Arizona Family Adventure

Sea Life Arizona Family Adventure

SEA LIFE Arizona is giving guests a treat like none other with Ultimate Underwater Feedings in the attraction’s 160 thousand gallon ocean exhibit. Guests who visit SEA LIFE Arizona can see the attraction’s dive team feed rays, sharks and rescued green sea turtle, Ziva, underwater.

SEA LIFE Arizona Curator Steve Bitter states, “We started feeding some of our animals underwater to better control their food intake and feeding behaviors.  This allows our team to ensure that the animals are getting the necessary diets and vitamins, in addition to desensitizing them from human contact for standard medical procedures”.

Sea Life Arizona Sea Turtle

Sea Life Arizona Sea Turtle

The team performs this activity during open hours so that guests may observe the feeding sessions.  Ultimate Underwater Feedings take place every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 1pm.  For additional information on SEA LIFE Arizona please visit

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