Soaking in Sedona

Exploring Sedona has always been a freeing experience, but the gift of slipping into the perfect parking spot and finally getting to venture down the trails from the well-known Midgley Bridge was quite a treat!

We were in Sedona recently for a short (and sweet) honeymoon, and decided to see where the meandering trails took us. Our main goal on this warm day? To get to the bottom where we could see a sliver of running water and people enjoying the refreshing swimming holes down below. So off we went!

The hike itself was relaxing in parts, and semi-challenging in others. Most of the trail was right along the creek, so the sights and sounds were relaxing indeed. Taking time to pause and sit, watch the water flow, and soak in the smells of the moist flora and fauna was exactly what we needed. There were a few times that we had to stop and pull up images of leaves in order to know whether we just brushed up against something that would come back to bite us later. (We made it out unscathed!)

Along the way we passed many travelers, some with kids (furry ones too!), and the spirit of all that we met was the same throughout…we were all on a relaxed adventure. Once we made it to the swimming holes, it was time to sit and look at where we had come from.

It looked like far more of an accomplishment when looking back up at the beautiful bridge from down below! We soaked our feet in the cold water, reveled at this wonderful natural creation, and sat in the sun for a while before we made our way back.

We will definitely go back, and next time with our swimsuits to enjoy the natural slides and rock formations with the wind and water-made seating areas and places to enjoy friends and family. Next time, it’s for the entire day! ~ written by Jennifer Agema

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