Top 10 Highest Mountain Peaks in Arizona

There are many ways to escape the searing August temperatures in Arizona.  Some choose their localing watering hole, while others search out their favorite swimming hole.  But for many, the answer lies in one direction – up.  In an effort to help you stay cool, here are the top 10 Highest Mountain Peaks in Arizona, the Grand Canyon State.

Top 10 Highest Mountain Peaks in Arizona

Humphreys Peak - #1 on our Top 10 Highest Mountain Peaks in Arizona

Humphreys Peak – Top 10 Highest Mountain Peaks in Arizona

Humphreys Peak in the Coconino National Forest is the highest summit in Arizona and kicks off our list of the top 10 highest mountain peaks in Arizona.  Part of the San Francisco Peaks, it is a volcanic mountain range 9 miles north of Flagstaff.  It soars to 12,633 feet, and is one of the most prominent summits in the United States outside of the Rocky Mountains.  The mountain is high enough to maintain snow cover in summer, when temperatures may not exceed 40 °F.

Simply referred to as “Agassiz”, Agassiz Peak is Mount Humphreys’ sister peak and one of the San Francisco Mountains’ “Big 4”, or the top five highest peaks in Arizona.  Its elevation is 12,356 feet.  At 11,946 feet, Fremont Peak is also located in the San Francisco Mountains. This summit is positioned along the Doyle Saddle, where it is not very prominent.  Aubineau Peak, the fourth highest summit in Arizona, tops out at 11,818 feet.  This is a fairly steep peak, and the home of the 2005 avalanche.

Ree's Peak - #5 on our Top 10 Highest Mountain Peaks in Arizona

Ree’s Peak – Top 10 Highest Mountain Peaks in Arizona

Ree’s Peak is a much smaller peak than most of the summits in the San Francisco mountains at 11,444 feet.  This peak lacks alpine tundra but is home to the famed bristlecone pine, some of the oldest trees on the earth (middle photo).  Doyle Peak rises to 11,440 feet, and can be seen as the summit most on the right, if you’re looking at the San Francisco Mountains from Flagstaff.  It is known for its continuous aspen belt.

Mount Baldy, located in Arizona’s White Mountains on the Fort Apache Indian Reservation, is an eroded mountain peak whose summit is 11,391 feet.  Named by locals, it lacks trees on the upper ridge, giving it a baldlike appearance.  Mount Baldy is home to a bristlecone pine forest, and some consider the White Mountains as a Rocky Mountains extension due to similar averages in elevation, tree species, animals, and weather.

At 11,348 feet, Mount Ord is part of the White Mountains, and is located in Apache County on the Fort Apache Indian Reservation.  Snow often stays on this mountain the longest during summer due to its high elevation and gentle north slope.  Rising to 11,148 feet, Paradise Butte is found in the White Mountains near Mount Baldy and Mount Ord, near Sunrise Ski Park.  In Apache County, Mount Thomas completes the list at 11,121 feet.

Welcome to Arizona – we’re thrilled to have you here.  Remember, if you get too hot, simply change your elevation.

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