Top 9 Reasons A Hot Air Balloon Ride in Arizona Should Make Your Bucket List

We are mesmerized every time we catch a glimpse of colorful hot air balloons dotting the Arizona skies. Their captivating beauty and peacefulness feels almost otherworldly. If you haven’t been on a hot air balloon ride in Phoenix/Scottsdale, Arizona we highly recommend adding this to your list of must-do’s. Why? We’re giving you 9 great reasons to add this to your Arizona Bucket List.

#1 Get a Load of this Sunrise… enough said.

#2 You Don’t Always Have to Get Up Early

Not a fan of getting up at 5:00am? No problem! Hot Air Expeditions offers daily hot air balloon rides in the morning, year-round, and also offers sunset balloon rides seasonally, from November through March. So, if you’re a repeat snooze offender, plan your ballooning excursion for the Fall/Winter months. 

#3 Phoenix, AZ has the Best Ballooning Weather

Phoenix, Arizona is home to the most flyable days per year for hot air balloons in the country! Why? The Arizona skies provide consistently calm and stable weather conditions, 300+ days of sunshine per year, and boast an abundance of launching/landing locations for hot air balloons.

#4 The Best in the Biz are Here in Arizona

Hot Air Expeditions is the best there is in ballooning. This local, woman-owned outfit has been ballooning in Arizona for over 27 years. Their pilots and staff are all friendly and charming, the cuisine that accompanies all flights is delectable, and they have been rated the “Best Balloon Flight in Phoenix” by Fodor’s Travel for 23 consecutive years. We couldn’t agree more!

#5 It’s Completely Safe

Hot air ballooning is one of the oldest forms of flight, and is also one of the safest! When looking for a hot air balloon company to take you up, up and away you will want to make sure the company you choose employs FAA-certified hot air balloon pilots, has the appropriate insurances, has a good safety record, and that their equipment is regularly inspected by an FAA-approved facility. Hot Air Expeditions fits the bill on all of these, but it is important to investigate this regardless of what company you go with and where you choose to take flight.

#6 Views that Won’t Quit

On a typical Arizona hot air balloon flight, you can expect to soar anywhere from 2,000-5,000 feet in the air, and let’s just say, the views are absolutely spectacular. The Sonoran Desert and surrounding mountain ranges look even more breathtaking from up in the air, when glancing over the top of a sturdy wicker basket.

#7 Have No Fear… It’s Pure Tranquility

Afraid of heights? You will do just fine on a hot air balloon ride! Since there is no sense of perspective (like you get when you look down the side of a tall building) it’s hard to tell whether you are 300 feet or 3,000 feet off of the ground. Hot air balloon rides are also very calm and peaceful, almost as if you are simply floating above the ground. Those with motion sickness aren’t usually impacted either, since you are flying with the wind speed and direction, so there is very little or no sense of motion.

#8 The Perfect Arizona Photo Op

Even for those who just carry a smartphone up in the air, it is impossible not to get an Instagram-worthy photo. The beautiful Sonoran Desert landscape and other hot air balloons flying in the area do all the hard work for you! We recommend bringing a selfie stick and/or GoPro to capture some great shots, otherwise, just hold on tight while you grab that selfie up, up and away.

#9 There’s a Celebration Afterwards

After conquering the skies, you’ll be treated to gourmet cuisine — including bubbly — to celebrate your once-in-a-lifetime adventure. Upon landing, Hot Air Expeditions serves up mouth-watering fare from the award-winning Vincent’s on Camelback restaurant. Dining right in the heart of the desert, surrounded by nature including majestic saguaro cacti, the post-flight dining experience feels as though you have been transported into a dreamland.

Ready to take flight and check off this Arizona bucket list experience?

For more information and reservations, call (480) 502-6999 or visit their website:


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